Sunday, 24 June 2012

Perception Road

When you think you are on the right road, you look to your left and you look to your right and see that you have been given the ‘all clear’, you merge out into the open space not knowing 100% if its safe but trust your visual judgement. In a semi-second of hitting the accelerator you reassure yourself that what you saw was good enough to move forward, double-checking there was no traffic you are fully exposed now to the busy road of people and their perception to their meaning of life.
You clench the steering wheel a little tighter now as your still yet to hit the safety net of the ‘other side’ of the road, eyes forward and immersed in total focus you can start to see the little white line that lets you know you have made it! 
All of a sudden… “BANG’ your hit from behind by another driver!
How could this be when you were so cautious, had it all perfectly planned, so focused?


Deceived by your perception and its power to obtain your trust and logic.

Seeing can be deceiving.

When do we stop in life and really analyse the intersection we are at. When do we use our brakes at the RIGHT time and how do we know when its right? By believing what we see we see we trust that our accelerators will drive us through the crowd of words, opinions, options, takers and givers.

Why can we look in the mirror at the flesh in which we live and see something completely different to what other people see? Are we the cause and victim to our own pain and suffering?

We can never be sure of what lays in our path no matter how many times we look left and right.
We have no power over other people and their actions, thoughts, perceptions. All we have is our own mind and that is the one that is RIGHT for us. Interconnected and devilishly synced, we are all right in our own way. 
To create the future of one-another. People are our biggest asset; we are the creators of change and learning. 
We are made up of our history and grow into our future.

Regardless of how we think and what happens at our intersections life is always going to change the colour of our traffic light.  

Don’t ever stop driving!

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