Sunday, 24 June 2012

Perception Road

When you think you are on the right road, you look to your left and you look to your right and see that you have been given the ‘all clear’, you merge out into the open space not knowing 100% if its safe but trust your visual judgement. In a semi-second of hitting the accelerator you reassure yourself that what you saw was good enough to move forward, double-checking there was no traffic you are fully exposed now to the busy road of people and their perception to their meaning of life.
You clench the steering wheel a little tighter now as your still yet to hit the safety net of the ‘other side’ of the road, eyes forward and immersed in total focus you can start to see the little white line that lets you know you have made it! 
All of a sudden… “BANG’ your hit from behind by another driver!
How could this be when you were so cautious, had it all perfectly planned, so focused?


Deceived by your perception and its power to obtain your trust and logic.

Seeing can be deceiving.

When do we stop in life and really analyse the intersection we are at. When do we use our brakes at the RIGHT time and how do we know when its right? By believing what we see we see we trust that our accelerators will drive us through the crowd of words, opinions, options, takers and givers.

Why can we look in the mirror at the flesh in which we live and see something completely different to what other people see? Are we the cause and victim to our own pain and suffering?

We can never be sure of what lays in our path no matter how many times we look left and right.
We have no power over other people and their actions, thoughts, perceptions. All we have is our own mind and that is the one that is RIGHT for us. Interconnected and devilishly synced, we are all right in our own way. 
To create the future of one-another. People are our biggest asset; we are the creators of change and learning. 
We are made up of our history and grow into our future.

Regardless of how we think and what happens at our intersections life is always going to change the colour of our traffic light.  

Don’t ever stop driving!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Life With Lady L

So I have been pretty slack in my blogging lately! Uhuh! 
Time flies by so quickly! I know this is no excuse but it will do for now till i find a better one! 
For the 1st time in a while i have a pretty easy relaxed day so i thought i would make a post for you guys! 

As some of you may know what i am about, i think its time i re-introduce myself!

My name is Lady L, i am a young lesbian who loves ice-cream and chocolate even though I'm lactose intolerant, Who loves to be fit and healthy but never goes to the gym- i just pay a ridiculous monthly fee!
I have incredible people around me which make me ME and I'm driven by dreams, goals and heart! 

Coming out when i was 17 and going through life's challenging, nasty but beautiful obstacles i discovered a path i felt i had to follow- a purpose, a gift, a reason!
I let it sit there untouched for years while a hop skipped and jumped through friendships, relationships and jobs! 
Finally, free from baggage and emotional distraction i found myself at a place ready to take on a whole new level of responsibility, always knowing there was something else out there.
I trusted my instinct and ignored any fears.
I wanted to stand out and step forward from the crowd and be somebody who can motivate, inspire and positively influence not only the gay and lesbian community but PEOPLE as a whole!

Can i do this? Id always ask myself?
Am i good enough?
Do i have what it takes?

....... i still have no idea, but i don't need to know.
The answers to my questions don't come by sitting here searching, pondering or hopping on Google!

You just have to DO IT.
So I pushed my 'restart' button! 

I studied Life Coaching because i wanted to understand people and be a better person for my friends and family! I was always the one to give advice, be the shoulder and open my hand.
I want to give to good people and I felt like this needed to be shared on a much wider perspective! 

Having music as my number one, i picked up a microphone for the 1st time in years and started working on all aspects of my singing and performance! 
Making music is what i live for and having the opportunity to share something that ignites all senses of the body is indescribable!  

In-fact- singing 1 song to someone can result in the same outcome a counselling session would.
It has the ability to create change, provide space for growth, inspire and open doors which moments ago seemed dead-locked. 

This is where Lady L was discovered- LOTL Magazine and i collaborated and launched into the 'scene' working alongside amazing DJs, dancers, entertainers and many more talented and exotic people! 

Through my appearance in the night-life of Sydney, shows, events and launches i have come across so many people who share with me different stories, different opinions different feelings- Im here to talk, to make a difference, to be a role-model in our community! 

To have the opportunity to stand in front of a crowd and sing heart to heart, talk with no fakeness or fiction, to make someone smile just by singing a track in a corner of a cafe is all i need to make any rainy day fill up with sunshine!

Wanna know something?

Performing Solo for you guys is like having sex! 
Its the BEST feeling!
I don't ever want it to end, feels like I'm floating!
I come off on a high! My body rushing with adrenalin and y'all are smiling at me! :-P

(I'm grinning cheekily as i write this) 

I have to make this blog short and sweet as i have decided to write this in the most rushed moment but i had to get this to you! Don't hate me! :-) 
You'll get to know i do everything the most difficult way! Just how i do! 

I will try and write as many influential blogs as i can as i feel its important to us! 
But i do need your input! 
Tell me what you want and i will do what i can to write about it! :-)

So i hope to see you all at my shows, performances, events and whatever else may pop up along the way! Come and say hi! People are my favourite thing and meeting more of you would make me one happy girl! :-) 

I Will be posting up some videos soon and keep you updated on whats happening next!
I just want to welcome all the new 'LIKERS' to my page! You will have lots of fun! 
Don't be shy! Just Be YOU!

Thankyou for all your support, your love and kind words! You all mean a lot to me! 


Love your Lady 

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Lady L Let's Loose!

It's been a little while since i have written my last blog, so many things have been happening! 
Well, I'm currently in Perth visiting family which i haven't seen in 3 years! 
No one has changed, just a few years older!
Its such a nice feeling to back in the homes that i remember growing up in, seeing the same family friends, reminiscing through old photos and devouring into nan's home-made fruit cake!
Ah.. it just makes me one happy girl!

The sunsets in WA are to die for!! For those who have seen my arm tattoo.. the sunset on my shoulder is a representation of this sunset. I remember growing up and my dad would take me down to the beach every morning on sunrise with freshly cut fruit salad and yoghurt packed for our breakfast! 
Of course i wanted to be just like him and make it to the other end of the beach where he would touch the rock face and back again... i think i made it half way each time, waited for him to touch the rock and he'd pick me up on his way back :-) At least i tried right?
Then we would go for a swim and wake the water of its sleep, of course petrified of jellyfish at the age of 10 id latch onto his shoulders and nestle in for the ride!! 
We'd then sit on the sand, crack open the esky and treat ourselves to my favourite breakfast and watch the sunrise shape the day over the ripples we had made in the water.
Its my idea of a perfect start to a day and in fact a life! 

Now that dad has passed.. i feel that his sun has set and i will be forever reminded of how he would make my everyday as bright as that sun! 

Its been a magical trip so far and visiting cities like Fremantle and Perth, driving around to Joss Stone, eating gelato, indulging in amazing food, soaking up the fine weather-  has been so much fun! 
I cant wait to come back!! 

My favourite part of the trip is the plane flight, i get excited about what kind of conversation i will strike up with the person that sits next to me! 
I love people, they always have something good to offer you! 
With a 5 hour flight ahead, i just hope that i get an interesting one!

Upon arriving home the Bank Hotel will be waiting for me for the Weekly Lady L Night Live!!
Im so happy that the local gay and lesbian talent are finally taking it upon themselves to come up and introduce themselves and their talent- I want to see more and more people who have something they want to share up there in those lights.
Ill be the 1st one to support and guide those who are wanting to share their story and perform for their community! Its an honour to introduce singers, musicians, entertainers and anyone with a special talent to the stage. It takes a lot of guts and confidence to get up there and pull off a show and I'm so proud of those who have already shared with us what they can do!!  
I also encourage those who may not necessarily have that confidence or readiness to get up there just yet to come on down to one of my shows and enjoy the entertainment! Maybe it will in-still a bit of "CAN DO" power in you and who knows what may happen! 
I really think that our community needs to see more of its people getting out there and being exactly who they are, no gimmicks, no fakeness, no egos just people and their passions! 
We aren't a category, we aren't a different race, we aren't any different to everyone else who is living and breathing the same air, so make sure you stand out and make your mark! 
Don't stand at the back of line and feel unaccepted, ashamed or in-equal. 
Stand up for what you are and the person you want to be! 
I am your voice when you can't scream loud enough, its time to show the rest of the world what we have to offer! 

SO... In conclusion i am leaving you with an invitation to the 
Lady L "Come Play With Me" Launch Party!
It will be the next level of your normal night out in Sydney!
It's time we made your Girl events better than ever! 
This is also for all those girls who don't come out for whatever reason, I'm introducing to you a top quality party for a small ticket price.
Head to this link HERE and click ATTENDING to keep updated and to find out more information (Performers, DJs etc)

It's a party in conjunction with my Birthday which will be the day after and I'm wanting to give something back to you for all your support and love over the past months!
Its a blessing to be gay and to have the freedom to love another woman, i love those who love me for who i am and accept my choices. So come along if you are proud, if you know how to love, if your keen for an amazing party, if you have a gf/bf or both :-P 

I'm so excited and I'm really looking forward to seeing you at my "Come Play With Me"Launch Party!!

I will love and leave you here!
 Keep smiling and Don't ever give up on your dreams!! 

Love Lady L


Thursday, 8 March 2012

Lady L - Building YOUR Stage!

Well it’s that time of the week again that I sit down at my laptop and get lost in the world of writing to you!
I want to say thank you to those special people who wrote in to me after reading my ‘Happiness’ Blog part I and II, your words really meant a lot and I am so glad that for some of you I was able to make a difference in your life!
Sometimes all it takes is for you to take 5 minutes and just ‘be’ with yourself, give yourself some time to work out what you want and what it will take to make you happy!
I know it can be hard living in a world with such criticism and hatred; people can be cruel and bring you down just to build themselves up.
Don’t let yourself be the victim, its up to you how you chose to react!
Do you let yourself fall the words of fools or do you get up and try again?
Stand up for who you are, get to know yourself and stop being influenced by others and what they perceive to be ‘right’

My bedroom wall has these words written on it and I want YOU to follow the same quote:

“Its easy to stand among a crowd, but it takes COURAGE to stand alone”

One way or another I want to be able to give this to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans gender community by creating opportunity for those who want to express themselves.
I’m a big supporter of local talent in our community and I feel that EVERYONE deserves to shine!

We all have something to give, something to say and a gift to share!
I will give you the stage to stand-alone and be EXACTLY who you are, not what you think you need to be!
I want to know your story and give you what I can to support you in finding that special you inside.
We all deserve our own stage; we don’t have to hide among the crowd!

I want to introduce you to someone who came to me only a few weeks ago; she absolutely touched me with her story and where her life has taken her!
The room is instantly filled with warmth when she enters and she has the voice of an angel!

She has been kind enough to share her story with you in my Blog…
Here is Chanese…

"Chanese hails from a neighbourhood known as Harlem in New York City. She began a very promising career as a gospel artist in 2001, which got off to a shaking start only after her first performance. When the leaders of her church got wind of her sexuality she was silenced from participating in services and forced to turn down all outside performances for a year. In addition, she was mandated to undergo "gay counselling" where she was led to believe that there had to be a choice between her love for God and love for women.

Daunted by the ultimatum before her and not wanting to bring more shame upon her loved ones, Chanese severed of all ties with the LGBT community and re-kicked off her career as a closeted gospel singer.
 Along with the happiness of success in touring and recording came the overwhelming heaviness of suppression. Although remaining celibate for many years, she still found herself under ridicule from leaders and friends and in and out of mandatory "gay counselling" because she couldn't shake her attraction to women.

After being silenced from the church for having her first relationship with a woman in 6 years, Chanese knew it was only a matter of time before her fans would find out that she had not been living up to their unfair expectations.
 For the love of her fans and family, she came to Baulkam Hills- in 2010 to attend bible college and secretly give "gay counselling" one last try. Even after sincerely meeting all of the church counsellor's requirements, it became more clear than ever to Chanese that she was born a lesbian and would always be.

She decided it was time to stop living  a lie and started by coming out to a few of her closest friends at church.
 As a result, most stopped communicating with her completely and shortly after, her once very active church performance roster became inactive and she hasn't been invited to be involved since.

Shaking off the religious and social oppression of the first part of her life, Chanese is feeling more alive and free than ever, ready for a new start.”

Chanese has been invited to perform for the first time with me at my Weekly Lesbian hot spot- Lady L Night at the Bank Hotel- Newtown.
On 14 March 2012, she will have the privilege of making her debut as a proud lesbian woman at Lady L Night.
She will no longer be haunted by rejection of her dark past, only to celebrate her defining persistence and her courage to NEVER give up and be proud of who she is and NOT what others wanted her to be!

I would love for everyone to come down and show your support for Chanese.
It will be a GREAT night featuring the ever so sexy Drag Queen- Nikita Vander-camp!

See you there!! J

Lady L has her sights set high for they gay and lesbian community in 2012
With her very own shows and entertainment, also creating that same opportunity for others and helping them build their own stage.
She knows exactly how she wants to spread her Lady Love!
She has her Lady L monthly events in the workshop at the moment and will be involved in many other events throughout the country.

P.s stay tuned via the Lady L Facebook Page & Subscribe to the mailing list to be the first to win Tickets to Lady L’s exclusive Birthday Party coming up! CLICK HERE

Until next time, Stay Beautiful!

Love Lady L



Monday, 13 February 2012

Lady L Hits The Gold Coast & Talks Mardi Gras!

Well its getting closer to that time of year when every gay, lesbian, bisexual transgender and everyone else in between are preparing for one of the biggest parties Sydney holds! Mardi Gras!! 
Its the best feeling when you are surrounded by thousands of people parading through the rainbow littered streets as they chant, sing, dance and voice who they are and what they stand for!
The more sparkle, glitter and glamour the better!

You may get upset with me when i share with you the fact i haven't been to Mardi Gras for two years!
Yep, i know! Its bad huh!
The very first time i went was 4 years ago and i dressed up as PINK!! if your lucky i may even share a photo with you of me back then! 
It was pretty insane! I wore a skimpy, high-cut leather leotard (which i still have), lace black underwear with black fishnet stockings and knee-high lace up boots! 
To top the look i also had the typical bleach blonde WHITE as WHITE hair cut into a Mohawk!! 
However, it did get me security entry into the parade and signed a few balloons and bums! 
I must say that was a definite highlight!! 
I may post the photo up on facebook! Be sure to keep your eye out! :-P

Anyway, so this year i will definitely be there!
I hope my beautiful friends come down from the Gold Coast to visit the Mardi Gras and all of you gorgeous people out there!! 
I think we should persuade more and more gays and lesbians from interstate to make the effort to see our Mardi Gras don't you!!
Well i mean, if we can convince girls to fly in from interstate to attend the LOTL Bachelorette of the Year comp I'm pretty sure they will come to check out all the other single and sexy guys and girls at the biggest party of the year!! :-)

Now, moving on from Mardi Gras talk i have to tell you all about my trip to the Gold Coast!
If you are anything like me and LOVE being spoilt and indulge in the small things in life such as fine chocolate, bubble spa baths, home-made lemonade and vanilla scented candles then you are going to enjoy my story about the Gold Coast!

So... it goes a little something like this!
I arrive to Sydney airport courtesy of my amazing friend Stef, or as you may know her- Stefunkie! 
and board the plane to the GC.
Magazines in hand, pillow placed perfectly and locked in ready for take-off!
As i do not drink alcohol, the flight attendants looked after me with OJ, cheese and crackers! 

I then fall in love!

... and no, not with the cheese and crackers but as i flicked through the magazine i met with the most dazzling ring i have laid eyes on! 
It was magic! 
I was tempted to rip the ad out of the magazine but took a picture of it instead!
Hand crafted rose gold (my favourite) with diamonds wrapped around its body! 
Ohhhh!! Ok i cant help it... here's the picture!

Told you its magic!!! 
Call me crazy but the moment i got off that plane i headed straight to Musson Jewellers and yep... was even better in real life! 
Its like seeing the most attractive girl you could possibly lay eyes on but as you make eye contact for the first time and feel that rush of fuzziness and tingles... her arm is taken by another and your immediately snapped back into reality and realise its just not yours for the taking! 

One day i will seek out this ring! 
I just had to share this with you! If you get the chance to visit Mussons (QVB in the City) check it out, it blinds you with its sparkle! 

Ok, ok enough about the ring i know... back to the Gold Coast! 
Well it was just fricken awesome!!
I stayed at the QT- provided by the most amazing tourism company- Gold Coast Tourism, they are just the most precious people! 
I wined and dined at the best buffet on the coast.. check out the food here!

I know all my fellow food lovers will agree with me!

So after my waist grew 2 inches, it was time for hair and makeup!
Among morning coffees and home-made lemonade we made it through 2 hours of perfecting each eyelash to the perfect lip line and we were ready for the DAY SPA SHOOT!!

Promoting gay and lesbian tourism i must say has been one of the most enjoyable shoots i have been on!
You have a passable excuse to elegantly and suggestively touch another girl!! Uhuh! Score!!
Hehe... well for the duration of a 1 second "FLASH" anyway!!
We rested fairly naked under bath robes and massage beds for a few hours before it was time for lunch and our next location!!

Cocktail time!!
So as you all know, i don't drink so this next shoot was quite the scene for me!
Cocktail in hand and two stunning women next to me, we laughed and joked while the cameras snapped away!!
Before i new it i had the bartenders filling up my drink as i was clearly enjoying myself!
TWO cocktails and this Lady was cross-eyed!!
Woo! But what a great time we had!!

You will have to keep your eye out for the final images at Gay Gold Coast Australia!!
Here are some cool shots for you to indulge in!

That night it was just lil old me and a whole lot of King Bed and a funky retro bathroom!!
I took advantage of the extra deep spa bath and enjoyed every moment of the night with a view of the moon-lit city!!
Ah, what a weekend!!

Im looking forward to heading back up in june for more playing!!

Well i think i may have exhausted your reading capacity for one day so i will finish up here!!
Im still keeping a dirty dark secret from you all.. im not going to tell you yet though, you will just have to wait and see!! A few people have come close to guessing but not quite!! :-)

Until next time my beautiful people, please keep smiling!! Keep laughing, Keep lovin and Keep living!!!
I love you all so much and cant wait to perform for you at LOTL B.O.Y Awards and Mardi Gras!!
I hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day and got absolutely spoilt!!
Because your worth it!!
If you didn't get a rose this Valentines, can you please come and see me on Wednesday the 22nd at The Bank Hotel- Newtown and i will give you a pretty red one, with LOVE from me!! :-)
Sending you all Lady Love!

~Lady L~

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Lady L Hits The Celebrity Scene and Asks You For Some Advice!

Ello Ello!
Its almost the second month of the year, time is moving fast and things are forever changing!
Someone recently said to me, time is a funny thing, and it is! 
You cant stop it, you cant make it go faster, you cant see it and you cant control it.
Made me realise just how precious time really is! 
Time to use it wisely i think!
So many things are happening for me over the next few months! 
As you all know, LOTL are my BIGGEST sponsors and are sending me away on a media appearance with Actress Traci Dinwiddie where i will be her guest performer and host while she is here in Australia! 
Traci plays the bad-ass psychic in the TV series 'SUPERNATURAL'
I'm very excited to meet Traci, she will be signing and chatting to YOU as she travels through Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne! Stay tuned to keep updated! To be the first to know where you can meet Traci Dinwiddie you need to be my VIP Lady L subscriber. Sign up HERE :-)

Do i have any followers who are actresses? Or in the acting/drama scene?
I'd love to know some questions you think i should ask Traci, maybe some tips or advice you want to know about?
Or anyone who has seen Traci on the hit TV show, let me know what you want to know and i will pop them in the interview questions!
You guys need to check this Lady out! She is ABSOLUTELY stunning! Her eyes are just bliss! 
Let me know your thoughts and i will make sure i have your questions answered! 
I think i need to share some Lady Love with her don't you?


Australia Day is around the corner and i am itching to perform tomorrow night for Australia Day EVE! 
I will be doing a funky set with some amazing musicians! 
I have a habit of mixing songs, i will be in rehearsals and songs just come to me that i constantly want to mash into each-other! If you are around tomorrow night i suggest you come down to The Bank Hotel- Newtown and get your 'Lady' on with me! It will be a party in true Aussie Style with a BBQ and LIVE music!! 
I can't wait to meet more of Sydney's gay and lesbians! You all need to come and say hello!
I promise its not scary! :-) I'll even personally give you a rose! Just because i love to give and what better way to make a girl smile than give her a rose! From Me to YOU! :-)
I'm off to stormy stormy Gold Coast!!
I arrive in on Thursday and will be absolutely spoilt by Gold Coast Tourism as usual!
We are running a BIG Campaign for Gay Gold Coast, where you will be the first to have your hands on all the Gay friendly places to go on the coast and all the Hot Spots you must visit when you visit!
Rebekah Keat and i will be getting the model treatment with hair and makeup scheduled for a photo shoot on Friday at some AMAZING places. I will be checking into each location so if you are around the Gold Coast on Thursday, Friday and Saturday come on down and say "hi" to the crew!
I'm really looking forward to the break to be honest, i love travelling up to QLD, it has to one of the greatest places to go when you want sun, smiles, relaxation, fun, adventure and luxury!  
Yep Yep!! 

Ok, so i know i chop and change what I'm writing about all the time, but there are so many things i want to share with you all! So bare with me ok, ill try and stick to just a few things but as you know my life can be a hurricane sometimes and everything happens at once!! I'm not going to let you to miss out!!
So.... Here is my plan! Wednesday Nights @ The Bank are just divine and every week just keeps getting better with hot new acts! The Lady L dancers know how to keep you staring & I LOVE performing for you all on the 1st Wednesday of every month and so.... Lady L & LOTL Magazine are going to bring you a new event every month! Its going to be very different, very sexy, something every butch, fem, dyke, lipstick, trans, bi, and all of the above will fall in LOVE with! 
I can't reveal anything yet, BUT get ready for the new revolution of partying! 
Ill have you begging for more! 
For your insider sneak peak, make sure you sign up to the Lady L Crew mailing list! 
Details above! :-)

Very exciting times ahead! 
Now, onto a different note... I need your help and advice guys!
I have an issue and its an issue that has been bothering me for a long time! 
I want to know how you keep friends from 'liking' you or confessing their love for you when all you see them as is a pure, great and trust-worthy friendship!
I've lost so many great people in my life because i don't want anything more than friends and then they turn around and say they cant hide their feelings and want to take me on a date etc etc & then they are gone! 
Girls, how do you be upfront and honest but still manage to keep the friendship AND pass that awkward stage?? If you have the answers please speak up! 
I have some close friends who would also appreciate advice on this too!! 
AND if you are someone who also has this issue, lets get it right! Friends are so important, they keep you sane, make you insane, they are your rock when S#%T gets tough, they are always there when you have no one to turn to.. they are the essence of life and i hate losing them to emotions that i feel we can control and manage and turn into an even stronger friendship!

Anyway... enough from me for now! 
Get subscribing ladies and gents, if i don't see you in Sydney, ill be seeing you on the Gold Coast!
Make sure you make time this week to live, lust, laugh and love!
You deserve it!

Until next time, Keep smiling!!

Love Lady L 

Monday, 16 January 2012

Happiness Part II

Hello my beautiful readers!
I hope this blog is finding you all well and of course happy!
I know its a Monday and you are all probably tired and exhausted being back at the work desk! 
I myself have had a pretty intense last couple of days! 
I have a lot to get through this week and as usual it all starts to bank up and its only the beginning!
Oh Boy!

So if you have read my first blog on 'Happiness' you will follow this one nicely, if you haven't, that's OK all you have to do is click back a few posts and you will find! 
It may be worth reading if you are in need of a smile or two!

I notice that in life we all seem to live each day as we know it and do all the things we need to do- Get up, get dresses, get to work ON TIME, buy a lunch that we really don't like but too hungry to care what we're getting for the over-priced meal!
We always find time for a little facebooking, chatting to friends, get home, and all again the next day! 
I'm curious to find out who really is happy in their everyday routine? 
Do you get up and feel excited for the day and what it might bring?
If you aren't, do you ever ask yourself why??
Do you do the things that make you HAPPY everyday?

Most of us don't.. 
We are too afraid to make the moves out of the comfort zone we're in to make a change into a better routine.
Are you happy with your partner, or if you are single are you happy being single?
Are you happy with your job?
Are you happy with your income?
Are you happy with your friends?
Are you happy where you live?
Are you happy within yourself?

Why aren't you happy?

As the common expression goes- "life is what you make it"
simple but true!
If you are UNhappy, why do you remain in the same spot and continue on the same path?
"You will always get what you've always gotten if you always do what you've always done"
Don't be afraid to move outside your square and discover something new! 
To be honest there is no such thing as fear.. your only scared when you don't know and the only way you will know is if you just do it!
Happiness is as simple as deciding what you want for breakfast!
You have to DECIDE that you want to be happy in order to seek it!

I sometimes find myself burrowed into a hole of unhappiness because i have forgotten to focus on all the GOOD things around me and realised that all i have been worrying about is that bad!
I know that life can be harsh to deal with sometimes but somehow we always find our strength to pull through when you want something bad enough!

How fulfilling is it when you are the person that makes another person happy!
Whether is be an exchange of a smile, a gift, kind words, a flower or a simple kiss on the cheek!
It makes you feel good and somehow a positive influence on that person!
Imagine if you could have that same positive influence on yourself EVERYday!
To wake up and acknowledge a beautiful thing in your life or your favourite photo or a memory of when someone made you happy! Be that person!

Just try it on, see how happiness suits you! I guarantee it will be the look of the season!  
Its time to make a change and be who you want to be!
No more holding back and letting others or certain situations take a hold of you!
Embrace the goodness! 
If you need a Happiness kick, Shoot me an email and i will personally send you a rose just to make you smile! I don't care where abouts in the world you are if you are reading this and can promise me that tomorrow when you wake up you will make the decision to be HAPPY and make the right changes in your life that will put a smile on your face that you deserve i want to hear from you!
You know what to do!

I will leave you with this quote;
Instead of telling the world
What it is supposed to do,
Why don’t you immediately do it yourself ?
In this way, I assure you,
Your happiness will be surprisingly multiplied.
Sri Chinmoy

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 Lady L