Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Lady L Is Getting Creative

Im sitting here on my mac, listening to the rain thunder down, sipping on chai and intensely brainstorming some fabulous, eccentric and sassy ideas to create one hell of a performance for all you gorgeous women!
Im excited to say that, creating a show which will be launched soon at an event you all MUST attend, is very stimulating and all very intense!

While i have my brain on overdrive and and purring along, i have a few questions for you! So i can make this exactly what you want, because i am all about bringing in something new, fresh, unique and quirky, I want to know what you want to see? What do we need more of when you go out and watch a performance? I want to know so i can then incorporate all your ideas into what the scene needs and satisfy your craving for amazing entertainment!
I wont reveal too much as this is going to be a MUST SEE event! You can not miss out on the launch of Lady L and her amazing performers!

I have been bumping into a few of you on the streets of Sydney and i love your energy and enthusiasm! I LOVE pictures and the more you take the better!! Please send them in to me and we may even splash you in the next issue of LOTL Magazine!

Im ready to unleash the inner pussycat in all of the women of Sydney!
Get ready to bring out the best you have and share it with me, i will keep you updated on all upcoming events but you MUST subscribe to the Lady L Blog to receive updates and notifications! Also Check out the Lady L Fan Page!

Camera, Lights ACTION!

Lady L
Live, Lust, Laugh & Love!

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