Monday, 5 September 2011

Lady L Talks Dirty!

Girls, Girls, Girls! Don't you put on a show!
As i walked through the doors to the Hip Hop world of Dirty Talk @ Oxford Hotel on Saturday night, i could feel the rhythm leak into my veins and flood me with the greatest beats and sexylicious entertainment! 

Tara and Nat sure do know how to put a party on! Well done girls for sweetening the scene with your Dirty Talk! Stef from the Lady L Crew was infected with the electric atmosphere and loved every minute of the talented fems that performed on stage!! "I think she was ready to bust out a move on stage herself" It sure was HOT in there! From booty 'shakin' to love 'makin' Dirty Talk sure did put a smile on my face! What a night!

The dancers were faultless! i could have fried an egg on the steam they created on that stage! Sexy from their head to their hip hop toes! Girls, who agrees with me that when you see a girl who knows how to dance... you get the fuzzies!! Do you know what i mean about the fuzzies! Yes? They really hit the spot!
Check out the short recording which is part of what there is to expect when you get your 'paws-a-dirty talkin' at:  Lady L Fan Page  
Girls you looked fabulous as always on that dance floor! I got many pictures with most of you and LOTLED you up with stickers and Date cards! 
Who got a LOTL Date card?? 
Send in a picture with you and your LOTL date card and you will be uploaded to the Lady L fan page and LOTL website! Tell us what you would say on your card!!
 Do you have a smooth pick up line? 
What's the best you got?  

Girls, i have to say... my favourite part of the night was my red lipstick stained cheek! 
You can't beat it! Just made my night that extra bit special! 
Red lipstick is so sexy and especially at an event such as Dirty Talk...   Do you wear lipstick? 
Does the colour of your lips reflect what kind of person you are? 
I would think that a woman who wears red lipstick reflects a sense of power and authority, class and sassiness, intelligence and seductiveness. 
Red lips can be so hypnotic and draw you in like a bee to honey! 
Well, they do say that red is the colour of passion! :-)

Girls, you should know the name by now, Lady L was out to play and i got some fantastic pics with some amazing women!
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I have many things hidden under these sleeves of mine and you will just have to wait and see to find out what i have planned for you!
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