Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Lady L Visits The Gold Coast

Have you ever dreamt of being on a tropical island filled with lush colourful plants, warm ocean surrounds, hot sun and the most amazing scenery you can imagine? 
Well now just add a gorgeous DJ, Eye Candy podium dancers, girls in Bikinis EVERYWHERE! Delicious BBQ'd goodness, open bar, rainbow balloons and so much more!!

The Hello Sailor cruise was just FAB! 

The crowd of people that went were a great mix! As usual there were more guys than there were girls but in saying that, there were a great number compared to other events!
The cruise took off and the DJ ripped up some fresh tracks as we glid along the ocean to our survivor island destination! Drinks were had and the girls got wild!
Check out the pics here! Click Here For Pics!
As the boat pulled up to the island, it was like we had found a secret hideaway! 
As we walked through the rainbow covered archway into a tropical dance party like no other everyone got to know each other..........very well!! :-)
There were Jet skis, kayaks, seaplanes, portable spas, mermaids and so much more!
The weather was perfect and watching the sunset over the horizon was magic!

I was lucky enough to meet some GREAT people!
On board was our two lucky LOTL winners who won two tickets to the Hello Sailor Cruise

She says: "OMG I dont know what to say but THANK YOU SO MUCH....My wife and I had a great weekend away to Surfers to see Hello Sailor! Thank you soooooo much for a sensational weekend xxxxx"

These girls had a blast! I was very lucky to have met these two beautiful women! 
The story they shared was so heart-felt it bought tears to my eyes! 
I take my hat off to you both as your strength, courage and wisdom was more than an inspiration.
In my next blog i sit down and share their story. 
You will be moved and its one that i think all my followers should read!

The BEAUTIFUL boys from DNA Magazine; Brodie and Rob were the Perfect partners on the trip! 
Definitely found friends for a lifetime! They made this trip absolutely wonderful and weren't they easy on the eyes! ;-)
All in all, my Gold Coast weekend was filled with laughs, new friends, catching up with old ones, way too many photos and a new love for yet another part of the country!
Girls and guys i recommend you check this out for next year! Its not to be missed!!
I will definitely be there and i want to see all your faces! :-)

I met two wonderful girls at the Escape Bar where you can also view pics on the Lady L Facebook Page!
Ash and Renee

Ash was one of the dancers in the late-night show performed last Saturday night at Escape Bar
These girls are absolutely gorgeous inside and out! I will also be having an exclusive chat to ash and her best friend Renee about being a performer on the Gold Coast and where she is headed in the future!
Maybe we will see her here in Sydney!

Gold Coast- Im in love with you and i cant wait to go up again!
Possibly the next Telstra 500??
Stay tuned for the next adventure update! 
Until then....

Live, Lust, Laugh and Love!
Lady L

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