Saturday, 8 October 2011

Lady L's Followers Pop The Question!

Its not often I get asked a question like this one but i thought it was one of those questions which most girls are interested in reading about!

Via the Lady L Fan page on facebook; a question was asked- "Lady L, my girlfriend and I are wanting to get into great shape and start some healthy eating habits. What is it that you specifically do to stay in good shape? "

So, i really like this question because a healthy body is a healthy mind and visa versa!
Its amazing how much a negative mind can impact the state of your body! So i will start by saying that first thing is first- Make the commitment! Decide what it is you are wanting to achieve and then work out your game plan!

It is important that you understand what steps you need to take in order for you to reach your final destination and be clear to yourself on each stepping stone!
Write up on your wall or a daily reminder on your phone of what you are aiming to achieve on a daily basis. for example; TODAY: Gym 1.5 hours, Abide by set meal plan and obtain a minimum of 8 hours sleep. At the end of each day if you have achieved your goals, make sure you reward yourself! Not with chocolate of course but something that will make you feel good about powering through your stepping stones to reach your ultimate goal!

Now that you have put yourself in the right frame of mind and have set your goals, ensuring you remain motivated and committed to reaching what you have set yourself. You then need to set in your meal plan! It is important to remember that your diet makes up for 80% of your weight loss or 'get fit' mission. and the other 20% is your exercise! I cant tell you how important your food consumption is and how the quality of food you consume determines the quality of health you achieve.
Your diet is THE MOST important thing and you must remain faithful to it and stick it out to really feel the results! Eating unprocessed, natural and organic foods will immediately provide you more energy, more buzz, more stamina, endurance and also untoxify your body.
A proper meal plan should be sourced form your personal trainer or someone in the nutrition industry so you gain maximum support. However all bodies are different and need different things, the main points i will suggest are as follows:

- All organic produce
- Do not add any salt or sugar to your meals
- GREEN veggies are a MUST and LOTS OF!
- Minimum of 400g of protein a day! (Chicken, Steak, Fish, Turkey etc)
- Do not consume any foods containing artificial colours or preservatives
- Drink at least 2 litres of water per day!
- Keep your carbs to a minimum
- Allow yourself a 'treat' day so you aren't going to crave

There are so many things which factor in to a healthy lifestyle, such as maintaining a well rested sleeping pattern, No smoking, limited drinking, regular exercise, limiting small stresses in your life, balanced diet, positive mindset and so many more!

I exercise as often as i can and only eat natural foods which i know will provide me with all the nutrition i need for my daily schedule. Its important for me to stay fit and healthy as it keeps my mind active.
I make sure that i am fully hydrated everyday, so i carry with me the 1.5 litre bottle of water everywhere i go. As i am training to compete next year in a sculpting competition (which you will be hearing more about soon) i need a large amount of protein in my diet for my weekly training.
It all comes together once you have locked your stepping stones together to create your game plan for your ultimate goal!

I hope this small health blog has helped my dearest follower! If you have any more questions or queries, please comment below and i will answer back as soon as i can!
In the meantime, keep smiling and keep up the good work!
Good results come with the three P's and that is- Patience, Persistence and Perseverance!
Always remember - Nothing is Impossible!

Live, Lust, Laugh & Love

Love Always.
Lady L xXx

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