Saturday, 24 March 2012

Lady L Let's Loose!

It's been a little while since i have written my last blog, so many things have been happening! 
Well, I'm currently in Perth visiting family which i haven't seen in 3 years! 
No one has changed, just a few years older!
Its such a nice feeling to back in the homes that i remember growing up in, seeing the same family friends, reminiscing through old photos and devouring into nan's home-made fruit cake!
Ah.. it just makes me one happy girl!

The sunsets in WA are to die for!! For those who have seen my arm tattoo.. the sunset on my shoulder is a representation of this sunset. I remember growing up and my dad would take me down to the beach every morning on sunrise with freshly cut fruit salad and yoghurt packed for our breakfast! 
Of course i wanted to be just like him and make it to the other end of the beach where he would touch the rock face and back again... i think i made it half way each time, waited for him to touch the rock and he'd pick me up on his way back :-) At least i tried right?
Then we would go for a swim and wake the water of its sleep, of course petrified of jellyfish at the age of 10 id latch onto his shoulders and nestle in for the ride!! 
We'd then sit on the sand, crack open the esky and treat ourselves to my favourite breakfast and watch the sunrise shape the day over the ripples we had made in the water.
Its my idea of a perfect start to a day and in fact a life! 

Now that dad has passed.. i feel that his sun has set and i will be forever reminded of how he would make my everyday as bright as that sun! 

Its been a magical trip so far and visiting cities like Fremantle and Perth, driving around to Joss Stone, eating gelato, indulging in amazing food, soaking up the fine weather-  has been so much fun! 
I cant wait to come back!! 

My favourite part of the trip is the plane flight, i get excited about what kind of conversation i will strike up with the person that sits next to me! 
I love people, they always have something good to offer you! 
With a 5 hour flight ahead, i just hope that i get an interesting one!

Upon arriving home the Bank Hotel will be waiting for me for the Weekly Lady L Night Live!!
Im so happy that the local gay and lesbian talent are finally taking it upon themselves to come up and introduce themselves and their talent- I want to see more and more people who have something they want to share up there in those lights.
Ill be the 1st one to support and guide those who are wanting to share their story and perform for their community! Its an honour to introduce singers, musicians, entertainers and anyone with a special talent to the stage. It takes a lot of guts and confidence to get up there and pull off a show and I'm so proud of those who have already shared with us what they can do!!  
I also encourage those who may not necessarily have that confidence or readiness to get up there just yet to come on down to one of my shows and enjoy the entertainment! Maybe it will in-still a bit of "CAN DO" power in you and who knows what may happen! 
I really think that our community needs to see more of its people getting out there and being exactly who they are, no gimmicks, no fakeness, no egos just people and their passions! 
We aren't a category, we aren't a different race, we aren't any different to everyone else who is living and breathing the same air, so make sure you stand out and make your mark! 
Don't stand at the back of line and feel unaccepted, ashamed or in-equal. 
Stand up for what you are and the person you want to be! 
I am your voice when you can't scream loud enough, its time to show the rest of the world what we have to offer! 

SO... In conclusion i am leaving you with an invitation to the 
Lady L "Come Play With Me" Launch Party!
It will be the next level of your normal night out in Sydney!
It's time we made your Girl events better than ever! 
This is also for all those girls who don't come out for whatever reason, I'm introducing to you a top quality party for a small ticket price.
Head to this link HERE and click ATTENDING to keep updated and to find out more information (Performers, DJs etc)

It's a party in conjunction with my Birthday which will be the day after and I'm wanting to give something back to you for all your support and love over the past months!
Its a blessing to be gay and to have the freedom to love another woman, i love those who love me for who i am and accept my choices. So come along if you are proud, if you know how to love, if your keen for an amazing party, if you have a gf/bf or both :-P 

I'm so excited and I'm really looking forward to seeing you at my "Come Play With Me"Launch Party!!

I will love and leave you here!
 Keep smiling and Don't ever give up on your dreams!! 

Love Lady L


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