Thursday, 8 March 2012

Lady L - Building YOUR Stage!

Well it’s that time of the week again that I sit down at my laptop and get lost in the world of writing to you!
I want to say thank you to those special people who wrote in to me after reading my ‘Happiness’ Blog part I and II, your words really meant a lot and I am so glad that for some of you I was able to make a difference in your life!
Sometimes all it takes is for you to take 5 minutes and just ‘be’ with yourself, give yourself some time to work out what you want and what it will take to make you happy!
I know it can be hard living in a world with such criticism and hatred; people can be cruel and bring you down just to build themselves up.
Don’t let yourself be the victim, its up to you how you chose to react!
Do you let yourself fall the words of fools or do you get up and try again?
Stand up for who you are, get to know yourself and stop being influenced by others and what they perceive to be ‘right’

My bedroom wall has these words written on it and I want YOU to follow the same quote:

“Its easy to stand among a crowd, but it takes COURAGE to stand alone”

One way or another I want to be able to give this to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans gender community by creating opportunity for those who want to express themselves.
I’m a big supporter of local talent in our community and I feel that EVERYONE deserves to shine!

We all have something to give, something to say and a gift to share!
I will give you the stage to stand-alone and be EXACTLY who you are, not what you think you need to be!
I want to know your story and give you what I can to support you in finding that special you inside.
We all deserve our own stage; we don’t have to hide among the crowd!

I want to introduce you to someone who came to me only a few weeks ago; she absolutely touched me with her story and where her life has taken her!
The room is instantly filled with warmth when she enters and she has the voice of an angel!

She has been kind enough to share her story with you in my Blog…
Here is Chanese…

"Chanese hails from a neighbourhood known as Harlem in New York City. She began a very promising career as a gospel artist in 2001, which got off to a shaking start only after her first performance. When the leaders of her church got wind of her sexuality she was silenced from participating in services and forced to turn down all outside performances for a year. In addition, she was mandated to undergo "gay counselling" where she was led to believe that there had to be a choice between her love for God and love for women.

Daunted by the ultimatum before her and not wanting to bring more shame upon her loved ones, Chanese severed of all ties with the LGBT community and re-kicked off her career as a closeted gospel singer.
 Along with the happiness of success in touring and recording came the overwhelming heaviness of suppression. Although remaining celibate for many years, she still found herself under ridicule from leaders and friends and in and out of mandatory "gay counselling" because she couldn't shake her attraction to women.

After being silenced from the church for having her first relationship with a woman in 6 years, Chanese knew it was only a matter of time before her fans would find out that she had not been living up to their unfair expectations.
 For the love of her fans and family, she came to Baulkam Hills- in 2010 to attend bible college and secretly give "gay counselling" one last try. Even after sincerely meeting all of the church counsellor's requirements, it became more clear than ever to Chanese that she was born a lesbian and would always be.

She decided it was time to stop living  a lie and started by coming out to a few of her closest friends at church.
 As a result, most stopped communicating with her completely and shortly after, her once very active church performance roster became inactive and she hasn't been invited to be involved since.

Shaking off the religious and social oppression of the first part of her life, Chanese is feeling more alive and free than ever, ready for a new start.”

Chanese has been invited to perform for the first time with me at my Weekly Lesbian hot spot- Lady L Night at the Bank Hotel- Newtown.
On 14 March 2012, she will have the privilege of making her debut as a proud lesbian woman at Lady L Night.
She will no longer be haunted by rejection of her dark past, only to celebrate her defining persistence and her courage to NEVER give up and be proud of who she is and NOT what others wanted her to be!

I would love for everyone to come down and show your support for Chanese.
It will be a GREAT night featuring the ever so sexy Drag Queen- Nikita Vander-camp!

See you there!! J

Lady L has her sights set high for they gay and lesbian community in 2012
With her very own shows and entertainment, also creating that same opportunity for others and helping them build their own stage.
She knows exactly how she wants to spread her Lady Love!
She has her Lady L monthly events in the workshop at the moment and will be involved in many other events throughout the country.

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Until next time, Stay Beautiful!

Love Lady L



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