Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Happiness Attitude By Lady L

How does she do it? Lady L has her ways of always being able to turn a frown into a smile and its time to share her secrets of how to create happiness in your life when things get TOUGH!
We sat exclusively with Lady L and had a chat with her about how she does it!
We uncovered some secret stories about our Lady L and how she got through some tough battles!
She is an inspiration to many in how she is constantly smiling and maintains a positive attitude every single day.
Helping others to also reach their ultimate happiness this isn't an article you would want to miss!!
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So Lady L, what was the turning point for you when you decided to take action in being a positive, energetic and such an inspiring person?

"Oh, well i guess the energizing and inspiring part all comes with the choice of being positive.
It's amazing what can change for you when you make an attitude choice.
I guess for me, it was a time in my life that i realised how unhappy i was in a world where i was living to try and please everyone else and look after everyone else's needs and ignoring what my own heart desired.
I was exhausted day in and day out as the things i enjoy most in life were not being exposed to sunlight. I found myself in a relationship where i felt drained of my positiveness.
It's tough to remain happy when you are held back from doing the things in life that you enjoy and that are important in making you 'feel good'.
As anyone would, i got tired of being unhappy and although i would be breaking two hearts, i knew i would be making the same two hearts much happier in the long run by making a decision for ME. Which was to begin a whole new journey starting with HAPPINESS and introducing the things that make me smile into my life so that when i wake every morning i have no excuse not to be happy!"

So what do you do to stay happy and positive? 

"To be honest with you, its really very simple!
Happiness is a choice, just like every other emotion! I wake up each morning and decide what mood i would like to wear, its just like choosing what you would like to wear for the day. Its amazing what good things happen when you are able to mentally put yourself in a state of mind which will deliver you positivity, energy, enthusiasm, excitement and so much more! I know it sounds silly but take this quote for example; "Nothing has meaning, except the meaning you give it" What i mean by this is, we are all very different, we all have a different up-bringing, different opinions, different systems and different thoughts so the way we view a certain object, situation or event will never be truly the same as another because we are drawing our reactions from different life experiences and from what we have taught ourselves growing up. Does that make sense? So really what I'm getting at is regardless of all of these elements, we all have one 1 thing in common and that is the ability to make a decision. To give any meaning we want to something!
We can all decide on how we react to something or how we feel about something, we all have the ability to wake up each morning just like i do and be whatever person we want to be."

How do you deal with really TOUGH situations? 

"Again, this will be different for everyone,  but the one thing i always say is it takes courage to accept the things you cannot change and wisdom to know the difference. Take from that what you will but i will never waste my time or energy on things that i have no control over, i will deal with it and then move right on. In saying that though, i do believe its just as important to give whatever negative situation you find yourself in the right amount of 'dealing' time. So that the issue is either completed or resolved.
Be strong, tough times are times of learning. There is always a lesson to be learnt or a reason for it happening. In every negative situation there is a positive, you just have to find it and when you do i can bet you will surprise yourself! When i lost my father i spent two years in complete misery and continued to be a helpless wreck, i was so used to feeling empty, i was too afraid to smile or feel good as i felt this guilt wash over me. In the end, i realised that the world was moving on around me, people came and went, multiple birthdays were had, new friends were made and there i was, so far behind it wasn't funny! It wasn't me! The next day i got up, i looked in the mirror and decided right there and then exactly who i want to be as a person. my morals, my values, my charisma, my stride, my presence. From that day forward i haven't looked back, i did it for me and i know he is proud!"

What's one piece of advice you could give to help our readers achieve their ultimate happiness?

"Ah, don't you love the advice question! (laughs) Well, I'm a motormouth so ONE piece of advice is a tough call! Ah, you know what just be true to yourselves, know what it is that makes you smile and make sure you get a dose of it everyday! We all get so caught up in wanting things we don't have but no one stops to think about the things we don't have that we don't want!  Always remember that YOU are YOUR OWN NUMBER ONE! If you do not believe that, you will end up being one very unhappy person. Always persist to achieve your goals and don't ever lose sight of what you truly want in life! After all, we only live once! Just Live, Lust, Laugh and Love! (giggles)

So, what did you think folks!
We got to get close and personal with Lady L and got to know her that little bit more!
She is such an interesting character and we can't wait to see her strut her stuff on stage next year when she takes her singing career to the next level!

Lady L will be featured in some upcoming events throughout Sydney so to keep Updated, log on via the Lady L Fan Page and the LOTL website for more details and follow her around Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane!

Until next time!

Live, Lust, Laugh and Love!

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