Monday, 16 January 2012

Happiness Part II

Hello my beautiful readers!
I hope this blog is finding you all well and of course happy!
I know its a Monday and you are all probably tired and exhausted being back at the work desk! 
I myself have had a pretty intense last couple of days! 
I have a lot to get through this week and as usual it all starts to bank up and its only the beginning!
Oh Boy!

So if you have read my first blog on 'Happiness' you will follow this one nicely, if you haven't, that's OK all you have to do is click back a few posts and you will find! 
It may be worth reading if you are in need of a smile or two!

I notice that in life we all seem to live each day as we know it and do all the things we need to do- Get up, get dresses, get to work ON TIME, buy a lunch that we really don't like but too hungry to care what we're getting for the over-priced meal!
We always find time for a little facebooking, chatting to friends, get home, and all again the next day! 
I'm curious to find out who really is happy in their everyday routine? 
Do you get up and feel excited for the day and what it might bring?
If you aren't, do you ever ask yourself why??
Do you do the things that make you HAPPY everyday?

Most of us don't.. 
We are too afraid to make the moves out of the comfort zone we're in to make a change into a better routine.
Are you happy with your partner, or if you are single are you happy being single?
Are you happy with your job?
Are you happy with your income?
Are you happy with your friends?
Are you happy where you live?
Are you happy within yourself?

Why aren't you happy?

As the common expression goes- "life is what you make it"
simple but true!
If you are UNhappy, why do you remain in the same spot and continue on the same path?
"You will always get what you've always gotten if you always do what you've always done"
Don't be afraid to move outside your square and discover something new! 
To be honest there is no such thing as fear.. your only scared when you don't know and the only way you will know is if you just do it!
Happiness is as simple as deciding what you want for breakfast!
You have to DECIDE that you want to be happy in order to seek it!

I sometimes find myself burrowed into a hole of unhappiness because i have forgotten to focus on all the GOOD things around me and realised that all i have been worrying about is that bad!
I know that life can be harsh to deal with sometimes but somehow we always find our strength to pull through when you want something bad enough!

How fulfilling is it when you are the person that makes another person happy!
Whether is be an exchange of a smile, a gift, kind words, a flower or a simple kiss on the cheek!
It makes you feel good and somehow a positive influence on that person!
Imagine if you could have that same positive influence on yourself EVERYday!
To wake up and acknowledge a beautiful thing in your life or your favourite photo or a memory of when someone made you happy! Be that person!

Just try it on, see how happiness suits you! I guarantee it will be the look of the season!  
Its time to make a change and be who you want to be!
No more holding back and letting others or certain situations take a hold of you!
Embrace the goodness! 
If you need a Happiness kick, Shoot me an email and i will personally send you a rose just to make you smile! I don't care where abouts in the world you are if you are reading this and can promise me that tomorrow when you wake up you will make the decision to be HAPPY and make the right changes in your life that will put a smile on your face that you deserve i want to hear from you!
You know what to do!

I will leave you with this quote;
Instead of telling the world
What it is supposed to do,
Why don’t you immediately do it yourself ?
In this way, I assure you,
Your happiness will be surprisingly multiplied.
Sri Chinmoy

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