Sunday, 8 January 2012

The New Year Begins!

And so the New Year begins!!
I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and New New Year!! 
The year has just started and I'm run off my feet already!! (not that I'm complaining)
So many things to plan and shows to create!!

I have decided on quite a few New Years resolutions actually!
After running the 'Miss Summer Bright' Model search competition, I am re-motivated to start my mission to a competition quality body! 
This means, strict but all organic and healthy diet, regular exercise and a hell of a lot of water!
I think i can do it! I competed in a bodybuilding competition 3 years ago and made it to the NSW titles so there is no reason why i can't do it again! Right?
With some of my most beautiful friends having stunning bodies, toned and lean figures i cant help but want to join them and buddy up at the gym!
It will take a lot of hard work and self-motivation, but i will keep my sights set for the end results where i can see my determination and persistence paid off!
I will keep you updated with regular check-ins and pictures!! 
I have to be at the weight and fitness level i want to maintain for a lifetime within 4 months! 
I will tell you why soon!! :)
So here's to healthy body and healthy mind!
I have previously written a health blog a few months ago which you may enjoy reading, come and join me on a health kick! I promise you will love me for it! 

Heading into the months of 2012, i must say that Wednesday nights at the Bank Hotel (click here) is the highlight of my BUSY week!
I meet so many amazing people and have the most craziest conversations! 
I love it!
The nights are heating up with my gorgeous girls on the podiums teasing all sexy single girls out there!
Who doesn't enjoy some eye candy??
The Bank Hotel, have made me my very own special Lady L Cocktail!!
Have you tried it yet??
It's my absolute favourite drink! Vodka, Malibu and Pink Grapefruit Juice! 
This dusty pink taste-bud sensation is to die for! I promise I'm not being bias but if you don't get your hands on one of these cocktails, you are missing out! 
This year is going to be so much Fun, I'm performing the FIRST Wednesday of the Month, EVERY month at Bank Hotel- Newtown and every month i will surprise you with something different to keep you wanting more!! That's if you don't mind me doing so ;-p
The Lady L Crew are such a big support and i love them so much!
I have my own merchandise launching this year as well, with the cutest Lady L, lesbian on the loose tees and singlets!! I know you want a piece of this so i will keep you all updated when we launch that out! YAY!

What else has been happening... OH! Yes, next week i am off to one of my most favourite Part of Australia.. Queensland!!! 
My gorgeous man Dave from Gay Gold Coast and the beautiful Rebekah, triathlete and ambassador are stealing me away for two days, apparently there will be cameras and a film crew!
 I wonder what surprises are awaiting me this time!! 
You know when you meet certain people and you just 'click' you feel like you have known them a lifetime and you just cant get enough of their love? 
My friends of the coast are just that and boy i cant wait to sprinkle my Lady Love on the Gold Coast! 
Who is a Gold Coast reader?? 
I will be checking into a Gold Coast club when I'm up so let me know if you are out i would love to meet you!!!


Guys, just a little secret i want to share with you!! 
If you see me out and about and want a LOTL magazine subscription, which i suggest you most definitely shouldn't go without, i can give you access to a years subscription for only $50, normally $80! So make sure you come and see me to snatch up the Lady L deal! ;-) 
Sorry guys, i had to throw it in! xx  

I'm getting excited for this Australia Day! 
To be honest, i have never had a good Aussie Day and this year is going to be SUPER COOL!
I'm not exactly a sausage on bread kind of girl, but i think ill get my eggs and bacon on and pull out my thongs and hot pink zinc and hit the beach!!

Australia Day Eve I will be performing at Bank Hotel- Newtown!
Along side Video 8 and DJ Pawnography- Oh what a night we will have!
I will be jamming with my talented musicians this week and next, putting together a great show for you all!
I have to keep you all smiling!! I love watching my girls and guys enjoying their night! 
Also, don't forget to mark in your diaries the BOY Award Finals Night!
Tickets available HERE get in now and get the early bird deals!!
10 gorgeous lesbians battling it out to be crowned Bachelorette Of The Year! 
There will be competitions, Live performances, Sydney's hottest Dj's- Feisty and Kate Monroe! 
Party the night away with myself and LOTL Magazine! 

Stay tuned for my next blog i have some BIG news to tell you all, I'm nervous to tell you but at the same time very excited!! I will save it and keep you suspended for a week just because i like to tease! All i will say is... keep the 28th April 2012 FREE!! I'm booking you out and taking over that day in your diaries!

Now before this blog turns into my first novel, i will finish up here and leave you with my favourite quote for the week!! 

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. "

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Until next time, Be good- If you cant be good, be good at it!

Love Lady L
Live, Lust, Laugh & Love!

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