Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Lady L Hits The Celebrity Scene and Asks You For Some Advice!

Ello Ello!
Its almost the second month of the year, time is moving fast and things are forever changing!
Someone recently said to me, time is a funny thing, and it is! 
You cant stop it, you cant make it go faster, you cant see it and you cant control it.
Made me realise just how precious time really is! 
Time to use it wisely i think!
So many things are happening for me over the next few months! 
As you all know, LOTL are my BIGGEST sponsors and are sending me away on a media appearance with Actress Traci Dinwiddie where i will be her guest performer and host while she is here in Australia! 
Traci plays the bad-ass psychic in the TV series 'SUPERNATURAL'
I'm very excited to meet Traci, she will be signing and chatting to YOU as she travels through Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne! Stay tuned to keep updated! To be the first to know where you can meet Traci Dinwiddie you need to be my VIP Lady L subscriber. Sign up HERE :-)

Do i have any followers who are actresses? Or in the acting/drama scene?
I'd love to know some questions you think i should ask Traci, maybe some tips or advice you want to know about?
Or anyone who has seen Traci on the hit TV show, let me know what you want to know and i will pop them in the interview questions!
You guys need to check this Lady out! She is ABSOLUTELY stunning! Her eyes are just bliss! 
Let me know your thoughts and i will make sure i have your questions answered! 
I think i need to share some Lady Love with her don't you?


Australia Day is around the corner and i am itching to perform tomorrow night for Australia Day EVE! 
I will be doing a funky set with some amazing musicians! 
I have a habit of mixing songs, i will be in rehearsals and songs just come to me that i constantly want to mash into each-other! If you are around tomorrow night i suggest you come down to The Bank Hotel- Newtown and get your 'Lady' on with me! It will be a party in true Aussie Style with a BBQ and LIVE music!! 
I can't wait to meet more of Sydney's gay and lesbians! You all need to come and say hello!
I promise its not scary! :-) I'll even personally give you a rose! Just because i love to give and what better way to make a girl smile than give her a rose! From Me to YOU! :-)
I'm off to stormy stormy Gold Coast!!
I arrive in on Thursday and will be absolutely spoilt by Gold Coast Tourism as usual!
We are running a BIG Campaign for Gay Gold Coast, where you will be the first to have your hands on all the Gay friendly places to go on the coast and all the Hot Spots you must visit when you visit!
Rebekah Keat and i will be getting the model treatment with hair and makeup scheduled for a photo shoot on Friday at some AMAZING places. I will be checking into each location so if you are around the Gold Coast on Thursday, Friday and Saturday come on down and say "hi" to the crew!
I'm really looking forward to the break to be honest, i love travelling up to QLD, it has to one of the greatest places to go when you want sun, smiles, relaxation, fun, adventure and luxury!  
Yep Yep!! 

Ok, so i know i chop and change what I'm writing about all the time, but there are so many things i want to share with you all! So bare with me ok, ill try and stick to just a few things but as you know my life can be a hurricane sometimes and everything happens at once!! I'm not going to let you to miss out!!
So.... Here is my plan! Wednesday Nights @ The Bank are just divine and every week just keeps getting better with hot new acts! The Lady L dancers know how to keep you staring & I LOVE performing for you all on the 1st Wednesday of every month and so.... Lady L & LOTL Magazine are going to bring you a new event every month! Its going to be very different, very sexy, something every butch, fem, dyke, lipstick, trans, bi, and all of the above will fall in LOVE with! 
I can't reveal anything yet, BUT get ready for the new revolution of partying! 
Ill have you begging for more! 
For your insider sneak peak, make sure you sign up to the Lady L Crew mailing list! 
Details above! :-)

Very exciting times ahead! 
Now, onto a different note... I need your help and advice guys!
I have an issue and its an issue that has been bothering me for a long time! 
I want to know how you keep friends from 'liking' you or confessing their love for you when all you see them as is a pure, great and trust-worthy friendship!
I've lost so many great people in my life because i don't want anything more than friends and then they turn around and say they cant hide their feelings and want to take me on a date etc etc & then they are gone! 
Girls, how do you be upfront and honest but still manage to keep the friendship AND pass that awkward stage?? If you have the answers please speak up! 
I have some close friends who would also appreciate advice on this too!! 
AND if you are someone who also has this issue, lets get it right! Friends are so important, they keep you sane, make you insane, they are your rock when S#%T gets tough, they are always there when you have no one to turn to.. they are the essence of life and i hate losing them to emotions that i feel we can control and manage and turn into an even stronger friendship!

Anyway... enough from me for now! 
Get subscribing ladies and gents, if i don't see you in Sydney, ill be seeing you on the Gold Coast!
Make sure you make time this week to live, lust, laugh and love!
You deserve it!

Until next time, Keep smiling!!

Love Lady L 

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