Monday, 13 February 2012

Lady L Hits The Gold Coast & Talks Mardi Gras!

Well its getting closer to that time of year when every gay, lesbian, bisexual transgender and everyone else in between are preparing for one of the biggest parties Sydney holds! Mardi Gras!! 
Its the best feeling when you are surrounded by thousands of people parading through the rainbow littered streets as they chant, sing, dance and voice who they are and what they stand for!
The more sparkle, glitter and glamour the better!

You may get upset with me when i share with you the fact i haven't been to Mardi Gras for two years!
Yep, i know! Its bad huh!
The very first time i went was 4 years ago and i dressed up as PINK!! if your lucky i may even share a photo with you of me back then! 
It was pretty insane! I wore a skimpy, high-cut leather leotard (which i still have), lace black underwear with black fishnet stockings and knee-high lace up boots! 
To top the look i also had the typical bleach blonde WHITE as WHITE hair cut into a Mohawk!! 
However, it did get me security entry into the parade and signed a few balloons and bums! 
I must say that was a definite highlight!! 
I may post the photo up on facebook! Be sure to keep your eye out! :-P

Anyway, so this year i will definitely be there!
I hope my beautiful friends come down from the Gold Coast to visit the Mardi Gras and all of you gorgeous people out there!! 
I think we should persuade more and more gays and lesbians from interstate to make the effort to see our Mardi Gras don't you!!
Well i mean, if we can convince girls to fly in from interstate to attend the LOTL Bachelorette of the Year comp I'm pretty sure they will come to check out all the other single and sexy guys and girls at the biggest party of the year!! :-)

Now, moving on from Mardi Gras talk i have to tell you all about my trip to the Gold Coast!
If you are anything like me and LOVE being spoilt and indulge in the small things in life such as fine chocolate, bubble spa baths, home-made lemonade and vanilla scented candles then you are going to enjoy my story about the Gold Coast!

So... it goes a little something like this!
I arrive to Sydney airport courtesy of my amazing friend Stef, or as you may know her- Stefunkie! 
and board the plane to the GC.
Magazines in hand, pillow placed perfectly and locked in ready for take-off!
As i do not drink alcohol, the flight attendants looked after me with OJ, cheese and crackers! 

I then fall in love!

... and no, not with the cheese and crackers but as i flicked through the magazine i met with the most dazzling ring i have laid eyes on! 
It was magic! 
I was tempted to rip the ad out of the magazine but took a picture of it instead!
Hand crafted rose gold (my favourite) with diamonds wrapped around its body! 
Ohhhh!! Ok i cant help it... here's the picture!

Told you its magic!!! 
Call me crazy but the moment i got off that plane i headed straight to Musson Jewellers and yep... was even better in real life! 
Its like seeing the most attractive girl you could possibly lay eyes on but as you make eye contact for the first time and feel that rush of fuzziness and tingles... her arm is taken by another and your immediately snapped back into reality and realise its just not yours for the taking! 

One day i will seek out this ring! 
I just had to share this with you! If you get the chance to visit Mussons (QVB in the City) check it out, it blinds you with its sparkle! 

Ok, ok enough about the ring i know... back to the Gold Coast! 
Well it was just fricken awesome!!
I stayed at the QT- provided by the most amazing tourism company- Gold Coast Tourism, they are just the most precious people! 
I wined and dined at the best buffet on the coast.. check out the food here!

I know all my fellow food lovers will agree with me!

So after my waist grew 2 inches, it was time for hair and makeup!
Among morning coffees and home-made lemonade we made it through 2 hours of perfecting each eyelash to the perfect lip line and we were ready for the DAY SPA SHOOT!!

Promoting gay and lesbian tourism i must say has been one of the most enjoyable shoots i have been on!
You have a passable excuse to elegantly and suggestively touch another girl!! Uhuh! Score!!
Hehe... well for the duration of a 1 second "FLASH" anyway!!
We rested fairly naked under bath robes and massage beds for a few hours before it was time for lunch and our next location!!

Cocktail time!!
So as you all know, i don't drink so this next shoot was quite the scene for me!
Cocktail in hand and two stunning women next to me, we laughed and joked while the cameras snapped away!!
Before i new it i had the bartenders filling up my drink as i was clearly enjoying myself!
TWO cocktails and this Lady was cross-eyed!!
Woo! But what a great time we had!!

You will have to keep your eye out for the final images at Gay Gold Coast Australia!!
Here are some cool shots for you to indulge in!

That night it was just lil old me and a whole lot of King Bed and a funky retro bathroom!!
I took advantage of the extra deep spa bath and enjoyed every moment of the night with a view of the moon-lit city!!
Ah, what a weekend!!

Im looking forward to heading back up in june for more playing!!

Well i think i may have exhausted your reading capacity for one day so i will finish up here!!
Im still keeping a dirty dark secret from you all.. im not going to tell you yet though, you will just have to wait and see!! A few people have come close to guessing but not quite!! :-)

Until next time my beautiful people, please keep smiling!! Keep laughing, Keep lovin and Keep living!!!
I love you all so much and cant wait to perform for you at LOTL B.O.Y Awards and Mardi Gras!!
I hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day and got absolutely spoilt!!
Because your worth it!!
If you didn't get a rose this Valentines, can you please come and see me on Wednesday the 22nd at The Bank Hotel- Newtown and i will give you a pretty red one, with LOVE from me!! :-)
Sending you all Lady Love!

~Lady L~

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